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Day 25: A Vicious Circle.

Over the past week I have eaten way too much food and spent way too much time analyzing why – each of these activities inevitably leading to more of the other.

1) I like paleo/Whole30 foods, and really get a kick out of sourcing ingredients, recipes and related nutritional information.
2) When I prepare yummy food on my day off, I get quite excited about lunchtime at work – and morning tea.
3) Taking the adrenal fatigue herbs and other minerals prescribed for thyroid stupidness and energy levels seems to help.
4) If I eat something I don’t feel like eating (eg: meat & veg for brekky), I just keep eating until my taste buds are happy – this can take a while.
5) Too much macadamia nut butter, cashew milk, dried fruit and maybe coconut oil – combined with a significant reduction in exercise – leads to work pants being uncomfortably tight. This in turn results in miserable, and slightly irritable, me.

1) I have personally witnessed (in others) great success resulting from participation in Whole30, and would definitely recommend it to friends.
2) Although I remain committed to the list of recommended foods, I can’t say I ever nailed the behavioral requirements (see Day 18), so I can’t really claim the program didn’t work for me.
3) As someone who has gained then lost 30-40 kgs 3 times over the past 20yrs, I wouldn’t suggest that I have a ‘normal, healthy’ relationship with food. So, having found my happy place with Mostly Paleo, maybe I shouldn’t push it.

1) For the final five days I plan to enjoy eating well. I will stress less about the detail and finish ‘MY’ Whole30 happily with the desire to keep the good habits going.
I am interested in the results regarding inflammation, muscle mass vs fat, and energy levels, so I won’t be straying from the Whole30 list at least until I visit the naturopath on Oct 10.
2) I am undecided as to whether I return to full workouts after Tuesday (Day 30) or wait until after the follow up on 10/10. It probably depends on whether my work pants fit better or worse than they do today.

I love a good condiment – here are some for you to try…

Macadamia nut butter: 3 cups raw macadamias in the (high powered) blender, blend until creamy. Delish. Remember ants on logs? Nut butter in celery stick, sprinkled with raisins. Happy days.

I discovered – well, I read that someone else discovered – that 1 part balsamic vinegar to 2 parts (organic of course) tomato paste = Paleo BBQ sauce! And it works! Hooray! Something for the burgers 🙂 Cut the stalks out of those really big mushrooms and grill – they can be the buns.

Sweet Chili Sauce by The Healthy Chef – really really easy, and good on everything.

There are some incredible sauces, marinades etc in Well Fed by Melissa Joulwan if you feel like treating yourself to a new recipe book this week. I am currently loving Salmon A L’Afrique Du Nord on page 103 – ooh la la!


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