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Day 18: All things. Especially food…


The thing is, for the first two weeks, the Whole30 wasn’t all that difficult (except going out to dinner – which is near impossible), but then it was pointed out to me that this may be because I wasn’t doing it right.

I really enjoy eating from the “allowed foods” list, I prepare well and rarely crave “not-allowed foods”, but I have yet to come to grips with the habit-breaking, life-changing rules around when and how to eat. For example:
*No snacking between meals. The three meals of the day (plus an extra if you workout) are supposed to be big enough to get you to the next one.
*There are no breakfast foods – the three meals should be similar to each other in construction (ie: no yummy grain-free granola).
*Recreating junk food or desserts with approved ingredients is not permitted (ie: no Pinterest)
*Stop eating three hours before bed. I am a fan of this one, but sometimes I don’t get home from work til 10pm.

So I think it’s true that all things are difficult before they are easy.
I decided last friday, after a slap-on-the-wrist naturopath visit, that I would follow these guidelines from Monday, but I haven’t. Because it’s hard! I love brekky foods and I love researching, making and eating snacks, and none of the strategies I have tried have succeeded in eliminating either of them.

Tonight I am torn between a) accepting that eating the right foods might have to be enough, and b) knowing that the best outcome can only come from doing the program properly. My response so far to this emotional turmoil has been to skip training, drive straight home and pig out on Amanda Allen’s Raw Cake. Again, great (compliant) ingredients, but not really meant for this purpose.


Fuck it.

I need to get this right, or I will never know what could have been.


3 thoughts on “Day 18: All things. Especially food…

  1. martine says:

    Hang in there. It doesn’t sound like it’s a lot of fun but I’m sure you can do it. Give me a call if you need to be distracted from cravings.

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